Thursday, January 26, 2012

CPE Agility trial January 21-22, 2012

CPE FPFF January 21-22, 2012 - Lazy K Port Orchard, WA

Eep! What a busy, crazy, fun trial! It was our clubs first ever hosted trial somewhere other than at Argus and it went quite well despite the past week's weather. There were a few bumps in the road, but the club members did great helping one another and getting this trial to be a success. Friday when we were setting up we heard that the Narrows Bridge had been closed...we crossed our fingers and hoped for it to open before the next day (thankfully it opened that evening).

I only ran Maggie in two runs a day for the weekend. Didn't want to over do myself or her. She did great though and was her happy Maggie self the whole day. She flirted with everyone she could find and loved being out and about. Tika even came along and had a blast. She was a very good girl and showed wonderful restraint when things got exciting in front of her.

Our first run of the day on Saturday was Standard...Maggie was full of zoom! She was buzzing all over the course and had to be downed a few times to regain control lol, needless to say it was an NQ. She was just so happy to be out and running. Our second run on Saturday was Fullhouse...a game that both her and I quite enjoy. I changed plans about halfway through our run and she did great - we even managed to squeeze out a Q!

After the trial we went to dinner at a local Shari's with some other club members and the judge. The judge was very good spirited and friendly despite the long day and late start.

Sunday was a regular start time and we were there bright and early. So happy we had built the course the night before!The first run of the day was Standard again...but Mags had other plans. She inhaled a cookie before the run and then proceeded to cough it up on the teeter! Off we go :( It was turning out to be such a good run too! So we waited all day until Jumpers (last run of the day) and hoped for the best. We managed to make it through the tricky serpentine and to obstacle 13...which is where it all went awry. 13 was a tunnel straight off the end of a jump and she somehow went around it, then back around it, and then in the wrong end before finally getting in the correct entry. We finished the run with a smile and a cookie as she ran well despite the bobbles.

No pictures or videos as that would have required me to be less busy lol! Hopefully at the February trial though :)

Q Tracker:
1/21/2012 FPFF WA Susan Zimmerman
Lv. 4 Fullhouse 39.74 - 30 points 1st

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