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CPE Agility trial December 31st, 2011

CPE Top Dog December 31, 2011 - Argus Ranch, WA

Wow! What a fun trial for only two runs and one day. Maggie was in good spirits upon arrival and was ready to go with her little wig-wag tail a-goin', so I had a good feeling for the day. This was the first trial since getting Tika, so I wasn't quite sure how she would do...also the poor girl was way out of practice.

First up was Jackpot and it was a traditional (which I do like). Mags had a great start line and first obstacle...then she jumped over the tunnel onto the A-frame...uh...what? Yes...she jumped over a tunnel entrance for the A-frame. Apparently we need work on discrimination. Then we proceeded to run around the course getting lost. For the Jackpot portion Maggie became obsessed over a jump and refused to leave it for the weaves...oh well, we had fun.

Our second run was Standard...uh...yeah - we are way out of practice. Handling cues were poorly timed and misunderstood, but Maggie really was a good girl about it all. We hadn't done 12 weaves since September and she managed to not have any popping out. Yes, there was a bit of tunnel suction ( was the same one that she jumped over earlier in the day) and some other off-courses, but we did manage to get one tricky part - after the A-frame there was a jump/tunnel and there were more than just a few dogs that went into the wrong end of the tunnel. Maggie actually did a very good job even with my poor body language.

This was also Tika's first time hanging out at a trial with me and she did marvelously! I kept her in the car while I ran Maggie as all I had was a soft crate for inside and didn't want to chance her hearing me with Maggie and trying to escape. I was able to leave Tika crated though while I worked the rings, so I am sure she will do fine when I actually run Maggie.

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