Thursday, December 1, 2011

CPE Agility trial October 23, 2011

CPE TopDog October 23, 2011 - Elma, WA

This trial was quite fun, and funnily enough I managed to have the same judge that I had back in Michigan! I went to set up my gear on Saturday though and that made Sunday morning really easy. I helped on on Saturday with ring crew jobs and just spent time with friends and not having to worry about missing a run because I was off in lala land. It also gave me the perfect place to go to keep my mind off the new puppy I was getting! Not that it helped much as the person set up near the group had cute little Aussie pup as well.

On Sunday Maggie had three runs and all were quite good despite our lack of practice and finesse. Our first run was Standard level 4...Maggie was a zoomer! No control and just absolute chaos...the poor girl was so excited - I actually had to carry her off the course she was so wound up! Next up was Jackpot - which is becoming my new favorite. Maggie was able to do everything I wanted and then some. I had a small bobble handling wise on my way to the Jackpot section (extra tunnel and wrong side), but we still managed to get the jackpot. Last up was Snooker, not our best attempt but I really struggled to find a good course for her to run - nothing was standing out to me, I had a plan for all 7's, but when I saw how pokey Mags was being I opted for a quicker route...we still had the Q by miles so I wasn't too worried. Maggie did finish level 4 Snooker though :)

Q Tracker:
10/23/2011 Top Dog WA Jacquelyn Oricko
Lv. 4 Jackpot 51.00 - 48 points 1st

Lv 4 Snooker 44.55 - 43 points 1st

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