Thursday, December 1, 2011

Agility trials January - February 2011

CPE RAT January 1st-2nd, 2011 - Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA
Had a long break from trials as there just weren't many in the area...or I didn't get in as they filled quickly. But Maggie and I were back competing come New Years Day 2011. We only managed to get into one day at this trial as well as it filled quickly...but I was happy to make it in! It was a complete opposite of the last time I was at Argus though weather-wise, sub zero temps all day & in the teens in the am - burr! Thank goodness for the heaters at Argus. Porter didn't play as he seemed to be having some difficulty with his rear-end in the colder weather.

3/4 Q's for the day though - so not too bad. Got our first Q in Level 2 Jackpot! & then finished up Level 3 Snooker!!!! Woohoo! Sure was a fun trial and very happy I got to go two years in a row. Pi really started to show what she could do during Snooker though...someday we will go for all 7's and max out the points...not yet though.

This was also the first time we encountered 12 poles in competition...that was essentially our NQ...Maggie kept popping out and was very confused as to why she should do all of them. She did end up doing it eventually...but not until after we took the NQ.

Q Tracker:
01/01/2011 RAT WA Cheryl Huffman
Lv. 2 Jackpot 52.74 - 51 points 1st
Lv. 3 Snooker 42.85 - 46 points 1st
Lv. 3 Wildcard 27.88 - 0 faults 1st

NADAC EAT January 22nd, 2011 - Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA
Our first NADAC trial!!! Super fun even with no Q's to show for it. I run Maggie in Skilled and she must run 100% clean to get a Q, but I don't mind as I prefer to keep her at 12" jumps. Maggie really seems to enjoy NADAC with the wide open courses designed for speed and especially the Hoops!

NADAC RAT February 12th - 13th, 2011 - Elma, WA
Second NADAC trial...much better Q rate this time! 2/3 Q's and not too bad. Our NQ was in Chances and after reviewing the video you can see that my body language pulls Maggie out of the hoop. But she had a very good Weavers run though...on the last set of poles she didin't slow down enough and bumped pole number 3 and almost came to standstill, but continued on her way like the aussome Aussie that she is. Her Regular run was quite fun to...Maggie loves herself some contacts, but she was a good girl and took the tunnels :)

Q Tracker:
02/13/2011 RAT WA _________
Nov. Weavers

02/13/2011 RAT WA _________
Nov. Standard Rnd 1

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