Thursday, December 1, 2011

CPE Agility trial May 14-15 2011

This trial was quite fun despite the warm weather Saturday and the rain on Sunday :) It was a near perfect weekend for the dogs (Maggie was 8/8 and Porter was 3/4) - and I could not have asked for better as we were all having fun and enjoying ourselves.

I'll start with Porter - my little baby dog sure impresses me when he really gets going and focused. He is understanding the concept of the game better every time we play and things are really starting to click for him. The only bobble for us was on Sunday with the tire - the breakaway tires seem to be a real issue and he seems to think that limbo is the best way to get through this obstacle.

Porter got to play twice each day and sure had a blast. Saturday was Snooker and a Standard run and he did amazing in both. Snooker went very well and Porter managed to get two "7's and a "3" for a total of 47 points! Whoohoo :) His standard run was quite good as well even though he didn't perform his contacts the way we have been practicing. Sunday for Porter was when we had tire troubles. He really wanted to go under it despite flawless performances with it on Saturday. The first run for Port that day was Standard and the first obstacle was a tire...lets just say that after numerous attempts he finally went through it...then sadly I tripped over him at a tunnel later on the course (puppy soccer!). Wildcard was next and the last obstacle was the tire...I hoped for the best as I had gotten him through it in the standard run...NOPE! Under he went...I figured we were done and no need to stress the poor boy out. We have been working on the tire in practice and there has been no issue.

Maggie did great though and had a blast! She was pretty much flawless the whole weekend and loved every second of the weekend, she is now one Q away from finishing all of level 3!!! Hopefully we will get it in July :) I'd love to move her up to level 4. Saturday she did slow down a bit at the end, but we were hot and tired and the poor dogs ended up having to crate in the building (I would much rather have had them out in the car). Maggie only played in 4 runs a day as I noticed she had some trouble doing much more than that...after this trial I think I will be dropping her down to 3 runs a day. That front paw shows signs of stiffness with too much running and jumping. My poor girl, she loves the game so much and won't show the pain until we get home where she gets babied :(

But Saturday was great, she got to play in her favorite game - Snooker where, for the first time ever, we managed to get all 7's! I was proud of my little girl :) The 7's were weave poles and Mags powered right through them even with a few tricky parts to get to those red jumps :) We also played Jackpot, Colors, and Standard that day.

Sunday, Maggie really was being my little superstar! She played in Standard, Wildcard, Jumpers, and Colors and really showed her stuff when in the Colors game. It was tricky and had some challenging parts and I really enjoyed it...but the funniest thing ever was that my little tunnel suctioned dog was able to be pulled off of a tunnel with my slight body language! It was wonderful to see and despite the fact that she was supposed to run into the tunnel it really showed me that Pi is in tune with me more than I give her credit for. It was kind of nice to see that though as the Jumpers course had some very tricky parts with a tunnel...that wasn't supposed to be taken - Maggie did flawlessly on the Jumpers course as well :) Wildcard was very similar with the obstacle discriminations set up all with tunnels - Maggie actually did the weaves instead of tunnels!!

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