Thursday, December 1, 2011

Funday March 20, 2011

We went to the agility funday held by Four Paws Fur Fun and had a great time. I got there early and helped set up and course build as well as set-up our spot. Maggie and Porter are getting more used to being in an X-pen, I have a short one (30" - which is kinda short for Aussies that can jump 48"...but they seem to know they have to stay in as there haven't been any escape attempts), that I put a cover on during real trials and it also has curtains of sorts. But for the funday I was lazy and just set up the x-pan on a tarp and threw a blanket in for the pups to curl up in and then pinned towels to act as a wind break.

The funday had a Standard course (level 4/5/C) and a Fullhouse course set up. The dogwalk was one of the more "flexible" kind and had more give in the ramps than the ones Maggie is used to. So I am sure happy that I paid for 2 runs for her! The first time in I ran the course to see if there would be any issues...there were, but no bailing. Glad we only used it once on course though! Her teeter performance was quite good though and she even remembered to not launch! Yay! The second time in was all about playing on the course and doing some contact work with her. Lots of back and forth on the dogwalk and she soon became comfortable. We also played with the 12 poles and she did really well with them.

Maggie's 1st Fullhouse run was quite good...except I didn't do enough circles and we wouldn't have Q'd...I really need to remember the game rules before running...I always seem to cause the biggest oopses! I did some distance work with her, some directional work, and some start line work (she is slow on the go...but getting better!).

Porter also got to play at the funday as well! He did one Standard and one Fullhouse. He nailed his first contact in the Standard run! Very nice 2o/2o without any recent work. He had some trouble with the Aframe, but got it eventually. I need to work on releasig from the contact though...he seems to think that there always is food on a touch plate that he just can't find. His teeter performance was phenomenal!!! a nice down near the end and and waited to be released! He let me do a good lead out on the start line as well. I so hope he runs well down at the CAT trial next month!!! Fullhouse was just a bunch of running around and playing - he really enjoyed himself today and hope that he can progress enough to become more confident to play.

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