Thursday, December 1, 2011

CPE Agility trial September 24th, 2011

CPE Capital City Canine Club (4C) September 24th, 2011 - Lansing, MI

Wow what a trial! Our first time away from our home turf, but funnily enough it felt just like home! CPE is a wonderful venue and even though nobody knew me, they all were happy to have me and the Pi.

We were visiting
my grandma down in Battle Creek, MI and figured that I should go to this trial as it was only an hour away. So we woke up early and got there in time for Day of Show entries as I didn't pre-enter. So we got there and set up and signed up to help where I could - I managed to make friends with the gals set up next to me and got videos of our runs.

Maggie did great though! We started out with pretty much a "drop an go" method and it worked really well as I got some speed off the line - which was nice. There were some good moments and then a missed contact as well as me getting lost, but overall it was full of good things.

Q Tracker:

09/24/2011 4C MI
Jacquelyn Oricko
Lv. 4 Colors 18.94 - 1st
Lv. 4 Standard 46.20 - 1st

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