Thursday, December 1, 2011

ASCA trial August 26-28th 2011

This was quite the weekend! We took off for Oregon on Friday to drop off the foster dog, Kenna, to her new foster home as well as take Maggie into the Obedience ring that evening.

All the dogs were a bit on edge, but Kenna had a successful transfer (and was later adopted a week and a half later). Once I got to the trial site Maggie took a tumble down the with zoomies + hill = limping puppy :( She ended up excused from the ring and I pulled her from agility for the weekend. But seeing as how I had already paid, I just transferred the runs over to Porter and he got to play instead. Porter ran both on Jumpers and in Pre-Novice on both days and he had fun running around with me. It was good to see :)

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