Thursday, December 1, 2011

Agility trials May - July 2010

CPE RAT May 16th, 2010 - Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA
Only one day at this trial...but I ran with Porter too!! Boy that was fun running two dogs...glad I only entered him in two runs as Mags ran all day. Porter sure enjoyed getting to play...even though he was really confused at first...big circles compared to the tiny ones he normally does...lots to see up at Argus though lol!

Maggie ran out of the ring...again...during Jackpot. She showed some serious speed though, whew! Made a mental note to not run back towards a gate right away and play near the back if at all possible though. After that Maggie came back with 4/5 Q's for the day though with her first Q's in Level 3 and finishing up some other level 2 classes.

Porter actually Q'ed in Colors...despite smelling food and being super distracted by that corner (Joan makes some very good goodies though and we always enjoy it), I think it was taco salad that day...I'm sure Porter wouldn't have cared and eaten it anyways.

Maggie Q Tracker:
05/16/2010 RAT WA Terry Scofield
Lv. 2 Fullhouse 41.72 - 30 points 1st
Lv. 3 Standard 43.19 - 0 faults 1st

05/16/2010 RAT WA Jacquelyn Oricko
Lv. 2 Colors 12.51 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 3 Snooker 38.53 - 47 points 1st

Porter Q Tracker:
05/16/2010 RAT WA Jacquelyn Oricko
Lv. 1 Colors 32.04 - 0 faults 4th

CPE FPFF July 24th-25th, 2010 - Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA
This trial was quite fun despite our lack in Q's and cool weather...temps in the 90's and no way to get out of the heat. I entered both dogs at this trial and had fun with both. We stayed up with friends of ours just to the north of the instead of the hour and a half drive from my place, it was only 40 minutes or so - much better!

Maggie had 3/10 Q's for the weekend...but she was also pulled from a majority of the runs as she bailed off the dog walk and had a slight limp that I didn't want to chance. So anything with a contact was not going to happen - she did have a lot of fun though and I enjoyed the weekend away with my pups. No videos nor pictures (yet...the photographer got some good ones though that I plan to order someday). Porter didn't Q and ended up being carried of the course once as he was off in lala land and just wasn't working with me. But On Sunday he was so close to having a great Fullhouse run...but I apparently can't count and was a bar jump short of a Q lol!

I must say that the judge was great though! I plan to go to the show again this year as I not only joined the club, but the judge will be back again - too fun!

Q Tracker:
07/25/2010 FourPawsFF WA Barrett Benson
Lv. 3 Fullhouse 40.32 - 27 points 1st
Lv. 3 Jumpers 39.01 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 3 Snooker 45.71 - 44 points 1st

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