Thursday, December 1, 2011

Agility trials March - April 2010

CPE TopDog March 13th-14th, 2010 - Elma, WA
Whew! Onto trial number three and into Level 2 for the most part! Maggie got a good start in level 2 at this trial and actually finished up all of Level 1 at this trial - YAY!

Had a bunch of fun at this trial - good runs and good connection with Maggie, you can see the difference compared to older trials...I actually look like I know what I might be doing! 8/10 Q's and a perfect 2nd day! Now that was truly an accomplishment for us and super exciting.

Found out that Maggie and I love the game Snooker! It sure was fun to find out that we are good at this game...especially with our difficulty in Jackpot...yayas again...but we did get that level 1 Q the second day (thank goodness for Non-traditional Jackpots!).

03/13/2010 TopDog WA Dorris Wiglesworth
Lv. 1 Fullhouse 38.20 - 23 points 1st
Lv. 1 Colors 28.65 - 5 faults 1st
Lv. 2 Snooker 34.07 - 42 points 1st

03/14/2010 TopDog WA Dorris Wiglesworth
Lv. 1 Jackpot 44.58 - 48 points 1st
Lv. 2 Snooker 42.61 - 45 points 1st
Lv. 2 Standard 63.08 - 5 faults 1st
Lv. 2 Jumpers 32.59 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 2 Wildcard 27.07 - 0 faults 1st

CPE CAT April 17th-18th, 2010 - Ridgefield, WA
CAT (Columbia Agility Team) put on a fun trial and the weather was quite nice...not too hot nor too the horse area was great for this! Our first time in a two ring trial, but it went well - 7/10 Q's!

Finished up some level 2 stuff and had some fun. Saturday was a perfect day and Sunday was close, but too many faults. No insane yayas though...or at least they were controllable.

Porter enjoyed the hotel stay though and I am 100% sold on La Quintas...the one in Vancouver/Ridgefield was nothing but accommodating and the fact that I wasn't charged a pet fee made it perfect. Plus the fact that it is 5 minutes away from the show site lol!

Q Tracker:
04/17/2010 CAT WA Mark Giles
Lv. 2 Fullhouse 43.37 - 22points 1st
Lv. 2 Colors 21.06 - 0 faults 1st

04/17/2010 CAT WA Jennifer LaPierre
Lv. 2 Standard Rnd 1 50.45 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 2 Standard Rnd 2 34.19 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 2 Jumpers 41.98 - 5 faults 1st

04/18/2010 CAT WA Mark Giles
Lv. 2 Standard Rnd. 2 55.44 - 0 faults 1st

04/18/2010 CAT WA Jennifer LaPierre
Lv. 2 Wildcard 26.83 - 0 faults 1st

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