Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mason Area Fair

Well...I entered Maggie in the local Mason Area Fair as an Open exhibition dog, the local 4H group needed to fill the benches and it sounded like fun.

It was benched, but I just kept Maggie in her crate as she is entirely too I spent the majority of my time out either timing or scribing for the kids. My dog was more than fine in her crate.

Friday was the Obedience day...uh...lets just say it was amusing to me but not that great to watch. Maggie had her moments of success though, so it was a good experience. I was not there on Saturday (other plans, plus showmanship day for the kids), but Sunday was agility day. Maggie had fun and the judge was a wonderful guy. The kids sure had fun and it was great to see many of them succeed.

The first run was Regular, I entered Maggie in Excellent level and we were so close to a good run...but there was a minor bobble or two that threw off the Q. The second run was JWW...oh boy...what a terrible run lol! Maggie popped out on her weaves, blew off body language cues, and decided that her course was better than the judges lol! She did have a good time and gave everybody a laugh though.

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