Thursday, December 1, 2011

New blog location means a bunch all at once!

Figured I should start a blog for the puppers' life and times in agility. I will try to go back and get the previous year plugged in at some point in time. This is blog 2.0 as the first one would no longer let me add in new posts.

First for a intro though. May name is Sherry and I am owned by thee lovely Aussie's named Maggie, Porter, & Tika. Maggie is a blue merle that is nearing 6 years old as of December '11. Porter is my little red merle who is currently 6. Tika is the new gorgeous little black tri pup who is just 5 months old. We reside in Western WA on Hood Canal, so swimming during the summer is a must!

Maggie is my main competition dog...she has competed in Rally Obedience in AKC and has achieved her RE (Rally Excellent title) and has six legs towards her RAE (Rally Advanced/Excellent - must get 10 QQs). We will finish it someday! She also have one leg towards her ASCA RN...someday there will be trials nearby to finish that up. She currently is competing in CPE agility and has completely finished Level 3. She runs in the enthusiast class, so she jumps 4 inches lower - but she still has a ton of fun. We also play in NADAC - we are running in the Skilled category so that once again she can jump lower. As we are not primarily worried about Q's it isn't too big of a deal to us - we are out for fun! Maggie also is on the quest for her CD (Novice Obedience title) with ASCA - no Q's yet, but someday!

Porter is my sweet boy - he has trained and competed in CPE agility, but really isn't super into it. He is just out there for the fun! I got Porter when he was 4 and a few months after I got him he broke his pelvis (he got out and it is believed he was hit by a car), so there was a long road to recovery there. Porter also has a cataract in his left eye - so I have to pick and choose what he can and cannot do. Porter gets to play in CPE agility occasionally as he comes to trials anyways!

There is also the new puppy, Tika. She is a wonderful addition to the household and has been a wonderful puppy and fits right in. I could not have asked for a better puppy! There are plans to do agility with her and of course if able we will also be on the quest for rally and obedience titles.

I also am owned by a rescue kitty named Maliika. She rules the house and we all cave to her wishes :)

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