Thursday, December 1, 2011

CPE Agility trial May 14-15 2011

CPE Columbia Agility Team (CAT) April 16th-17th, 2011 - Ridgefield, WA

Boy oh boy!!!! What a weekend down in Ridgefield!! Three rings, lots of dogs, & LOTS of runs! It was fun and I hope that the turnout shows to CPE that the West Coast has the entries to hold a would be fun! I ran both dogs as Porter has been doing great in practice.

I will start with Porter as his is quick and easy (only two runs all weekend). Porter started out the weekend on Saturday morning with Jumpers - he sure did great! Was excited and focusing and playing with me before going into the ring and even managed to stay connected through a jump height change. He held his start-line marvelously and even let me get in a lead out, I'm sure I could have gone further lol! There was a bobble on the tunnel with a rear cross - he popped out the end he went in! Something to work on. The rest of the run was quite nice and he sure had a smile on his face.

Sunday Porter got to play Fullhouse...sadly it was near the end of the trial when it ran, so he had to wait around all day. He did great though! Missed a few obstacles and I got lost on course, but he got the Q with a smile on his face. He had nice contacts and did his tunnels like a good boy, I even managed to lead out well past the second obstacle.

Maggie's weekend was a bit different - she ran in 5 runs a day and her Q rate was a little different. Saturday was a mess in the focus in the ring and zoomies. The first run for her Colors...what a mess! Off courses, missed contacts, looked like she had never seen agility equipment in her life, guh...I can't think of anything that went well in the run except that she started and finished...and that we hit a new high of faults - 45!! Way to go Pi! Funnily enough I still had fun (with a smile on my face) and we ran back to the chair for cookies despite the disaster that was Colors! Next up was went ok, but Maggie got the zoomies again and ran around like a lunatic doing obstacles...sadly this game doesn't work like that lol!

After that we were off to Jumpers...and it actually worked! It wasn't pretty nor was Maggie 100% working with me, but we connected enough to get through. There was a knocked bar and a mis-direction - but we made it out with a Q and 2nd place :)

Standard was next and I am not sure exactly what was going through Maggie's head...but all she wanted was the A-frame, tunnels were dumb and A-frames were fun despite not bothering to touch the yellow lol! I am rethinking how I train these...going back to the drawing board there! She did manage an awesome weave entry though - I am so proud of her! I think the only reason it worked was because of her messing around not going in the tunnel like she was supposed gave me just enough time to get in front of her. But other than the A-frame addiction we were connected and she did marvelously.

We finished out Saturday with Jackpot...and a Q!!! I am hoping that our curse in Jackpot is now lifted and that we won't NQ everytime for it :) It wasn't an easy course and the only real set-up to the entry for the gamble was from the A-frame as I was working on keeping her off of it (...and not to mention some idiot banging around and scaring/spooking all the dogs in the general area not even 15 minutes before the run). But Maggie perked up and ran like a champ! We got a good deal of points and had a ball!

After the trial we packed up and went to the hotel...boy that was nice not having to drive all the way home :) Went out for dinner with friends and then crashed and slept all night. Sunday morning started with Jackpot! On the line not to long after 8am...but a good run and a Q! It was a non traditional kind and we were so close to getting the gamble the first time around...but Pi popped out at pole number 5 in her weaves! So off to the other side we went and tried again, Mags got it...although it wasn't the one I wanted lol! I wanted her to take the tunnel...but no...the A-frame it was. Oh well. Then came Standard - it was a good run! No insanity and no zoomies. She connected and did great!

We had a long wait til the next run though...but Wildcard went well too! Did a fancy front cross into the poles at the beginning of the run and then an even fancier rear cross at the dog walk to prevent tunnel suction. It worked great and she did a superb job. Then we booked it down to the jumpers ring for that run. That run went well too! Good focus and even though I got lost, she saved me by doing it right!

We happened to be in the very last class of the day (like always) was a Q, but not at all like her and I probably should have pulled her and bailed for the day as she was tired and was showing the beginning signs of limping on the way to the table. The hard packed dirt combined with the cement just did her in I think (even with a massage or two). She was happy though and her little wig-wag tail was going the whole time. Definitely something to keep in mind next time more 5 runs a day.

But overall a great weekend! Hope that the trial in May is even half as good!

Q Tracker:
04/16/2011 CAT WA Karl Johnson
Lv. 3 Jumpers 32.25 - 10 faults 2nd

04/16/2011 CAT WA Mike Willis
Lv. 3 Jackpot 49.09 - 41 points 1st

04/17/2011 CAT WA Karl Johnson
Lv. 3 Standard 41.93 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 3 Fullhouse 37.82 - 27 points 1st

04/17/2011 CAT WA Mike Willis
Lv. 3 Jumpers 29.14 - 0 faults 1st

04/17/2011 CAT WA Ken Perlmutter
Lv. 3 Jackpot 42.10 - 46 points 1st
Lv. 3 Wildcard 30.51 - 0 faults 1st

Q Tracker:
04/16/2011 CAT WA Karl Johnson
Lv. 1 Jumpers 33.12 - 0 faults 4th

04/17/2011 CAT WA Karl Johnson
Lv. 1 Fullhouse 36.84 - 21 points (no placement)

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