Thursday, December 1, 2011

CPE Agility trial July 23-24 2011

CPE Four Paws Fur Fun (FPFF) July 23rd-24th, 2011 - Argus Ranch, WA

This trial was sure busy for me and the dogs. Went over on Friday to help set-up, then back again each day (hour+ drive, but well worth it).
I did a lot of work at this trial as I am a member of the club. It sure is a great club and we had a ton of fun despite all the work we put in. Lots of good food and good times.

Maggie was the only one that ran as Porter had recently had stitches in his rump due to a run in while playing frisbee with the other dogs over 4th of July. The foster, Kenna, had a ball though and sure enjoyed being able to hang out with all the wonderful people.

It wasn't our best weekend, but Maggie and I sure had fun with the course challenges. She finished up her level 3 title finally as well on Saturday, so that Sunday she got her first taste of a level 4 standard course She did quite well despite my best handling efforts (I had poor body position and kept pulling her out of the tunnel).

At the end of the day on Sunday as we were prepping to put things away the judge asked if there was a dog around that he could run, I offered up Maggie as I knew she would run with a stranger. He took her out on the Level 1/2 course and she did quite well despite a cheering audience lol!

Q tracker:

07/23/2011 FourPawsFF WA Barrett Benson
Lv. 3 Standard 43.95 - 5 faults 1st
Lv. 4 Fullhouse 34.39
- 30 points 1st
Lv. 4 Wildcard 30.72 - 1st

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