Thursday, December 1, 2011

ASCA Nationals September 17, 2011

I was making a trip back to Michigan and figured I should stop in to the ASCA Nationals and run Maggie in a pre-show for Rally-O seeing as how it was on the well as assist where I could with the ARPH booth.

Maggie had spent three days in a car though and we had very little work to build up to this, plus the minus of the foster dog (who had been a big part of the house) she had been a bit off. I had planned to do both Obedence and Rally, but when we got there Maggie was so out of it - I figured that Rally would be more than enough for her.

Maggie managed to get a 194 and a Q in Rally Novice B...probably was in the top ten out of 30 competitors. I really enjoyed ASCA rally though and hope that it can get going here in Western WA.

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