Thursday, December 1, 2011

NADAC Agility Trial August 14, 2011 (plus funday)

NADAC ZAP August 14, 2011 - Argus Ranch, WA

Oops! Forgot one in the redoing of this blog...the joys!

But we had a blast at this trial. Maggie ran in 4 runs that day and did quite well, no video - but there were 2 Q's :)

First up were Chances, Maggie had great distance though and managed to get her contact with me behind the line - what a good girl! We did miss the Q, but I was mostly hoping for distance practice. The Regular run was quite good though! Maggie Q'd and had a great time. Hoopers was less than stellar as we had to run out of the ring cause Maggie had to "GO" - now! But last up was Tunnelers and she was zooming! Gotta love the non-stop tunnel action, she sped through the course and did quite well.

Q Tracker:
08/14/2011 ZAP WA Craig Coonrad
Nov. Tunnelers 33.19 - 2nd

08/14/2011 ZAP WA Janine McGee
Nov. Regular 43.24 - 1st

Funday! August 20, 2011

The next weekend we went to a Funday. It was a mix of NADAC style courses as well as ASCA. Maggie ran wonderfully and I hope to make it out to the BLAST outdoor arena next year. The surface was nice to run on and the people were very friendly, some were familiar and others I had never met before.

Maggie did well in the Jumpers course even with a few handling flaws on my part. I played with her over in the tunnels course as well, it was basically the same course from the trial the week before - but we ran variations on it...gosh she was quick! We were then off to regular where she did great. I managed to layer a few obstacles and even got a clean run the first time through.

I even took Porter out and ran him a few times around the jumpers course and once around the regular...he did very well even though he was a bit rugged around the edges.

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