Thursday, December 1, 2011

CPE Agility trial March 12-13 2011

CPE TopDog March 12th-13th, 2011 - Elma, WA
Good weekend despite a lack of practice and my hurt back. Maggie did phenomenally on Saturday with 5/5 Q's and finishing up that level 2 title!!! She now can be referred to as a more having to remember all the abbreviations for the games titles lol! She also got her first Q's in Level 4 Snooker...I was planing on being greedy on day 2...but I forgot where I was supposed to start to get it I opted for all 6's. Maggie also got her first Q in level 3 jackpot...hopefully that curse is broken, but now we have to get on the ball for those other classes.

It was decided that Maggie did not appreciate the judges numbering system and that my handling had nothing to do with it . She sure had fun though and once again I learned something, most importantly is to remember the course and that when you forget where you are going to not to blind cross your dog as it just confuses you and leads to running of course even worse (a prime example is our horrific Jumpers run).

But Maggie had fun and we accomplished some good stuff, out Jackpot runs never went quite as planned - put they ended up working in the long run. On Sunday Pi decided that she didn't want to do contacts during Jackpot...tunnels were better...sadly after the second time through the tunnel she was no longer acquiring points, there are no extra points for doing it three times :/

Q Tracker:
03/12/2011 TopDog WA Terry Scofield
Lv. 2 Jackpot 45.33 - 50 points 1st
Lv. 3 Standard 34.42 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 3 Fullhouse 39.07 - 34 points 1st
Lv. 3 Colors 29.97 - 0 faults 1st
Lv. 4 Snooker 34.61 - 48 points 1st

03/13/2011 TopDog WA Terry Scofield
Lv. 3 Jackpot 46.78 - 42 points 1st
Lv. 4 Snooker 38.78 - 48 points 1st

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