Thursday, December 1, 2011

First agility trials October 2009 - January 2010

CPE TopDog October 17th, 2009 - Elma, WA

Maggie & I first started trialing in agility in October 2009. Our first trial was a CPE trial hosted by TopDog agility in Elma, WA on October 17th, 09. Maggie started in level 1 in everything and jumps 12" as she in enthusiast (normal would be 16").

Maggie's first time in the ring was video of it, but she was zooming like crazy! New environment and a huge wide open space to run around in! What would you do if you were a crazy little Aussie? Or first try was a standard run as I didn't understand CPE games at the time and had no idea how helpful people would have been. Granted we didn't qualify, we still got a first place! lol! Our second trip into the ring on that same day was Wildcard. She did surprisingly well! She got a Q! Granted it wasn't pretty either.


10/17/2009 TopDog WA Joanna Ambroz
Lv.1 Wildcard 36.66 - 5 faults 1st place

CPE RAT January 2nd-3rd, 2010 - Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA

Our second trial was the New Years trial up at Argus hosted by RAT (Rainier Agility Team). The judge was very nice and obviously enjoyed the lower level people. I entered the whole weekend as I figured I knew the what could hurt! It was a good idea - it gave me time to see how Maggie enjoyed the ring and to determine where we really are in our training. 5/8 Q's isn't all that bad!

Maggie also finished up a good portion of level 1 titles that weekend as we were really learning to work together. My handling wasn't all that great and she still needed support on things...but we did it! Maggie still had zoomies the first runs of the day, but the judge was very good about it with us. Got a good deal of it on video despite the terrible quality (yay cell phones! - but I figure poor quality is better than no video at all).

I got some good tips from other competitors and got to watch some fabulous runs from others - great learning experience!


01/02/2010 RAT WA Cheryl Huffman
Lv.1 Standard 40.79 - 0 faults 1st

Lv.1 Wildcard 54.44 - 1 fault 1st
Lv.1 Snooker 49.36 - 38 points 1st

01/03/2010 RAT WA Cheryl Huffman

Lv.1 Standard 44.97 - 0 faults 1st

Lv.1 Jumpers 32.91 - 5 faults 1st

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